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At Ethnic Marketing, we have been helping businesses connect with growing communities for over 15 years. We combine cultural expertise with marketing know-how to help our clients succeed in a constantly changing, diverse market.

Why do we focus on multicultural marketing? Because for growing businesses, it works. In the Greater Toronto Area, Vancouver, and across North America, ethnic diversity is growing steadily. Nearly 5 out of every 10 people in Toronto are foreign-born, and other metropolitan areas are not far behind.

Despite the growth of multicultural markets, many businesses miss out on key communities because they don’t know how to speak to them.

That’s what we do best.

If you want to connect to new communities but need support to make it happen, we’re here for you. Ethnic Marketing is a one-stop-shop marketing agency with expertise in providing multicultural solutions. Be it brand marketing or trade, digital or traditional media, activation, events or creative – we can do it all at an affordable price.

Our breadth of experience includes work in Consumer Packaged Goods, Financial Services, Automotive, and Retail. Our clients include reputable companies like State Bank of India (Canada), Royal Ontario Museum, Western Union Canada, Federal Auction Service, Yupp TV, National Foods, Bramgate Volkswagen and Northwest Lexus.

Multicultural marketing isn’t just a fad for us – it’s what we’ve been doing for decades. Our experienced team will treat your business with individual care. We craft creative solutions that meet your needs. strategically connecting your business with target audiences and meaningful messaging.

At Ethnic Marketing, we pride ourselves in maintaining a strong connection to the markets that matter most to you. As an Official Community Partner of the South Asian Heritage Festivals (commonly known in Toronto as the ‘Rung Festival’ or The Festival of Colors), we helped the Royal Ontario Museum represent arts, crafts, music, and dance from eight South Asian countries which are strongly represented in multicultural Canada. Throughout the year, we help our clients be present at trade shows and cultural events.

Our strong role in the community and passion for marketing helps our clients engage new markets effectively.

So if you’re ready to build a highly profitable business, get in touch with us today!




Ethnic Marketing is a Toronto based Multicultural Advertising Agency with over 15 years of experience in North America helping our clients build their business in mainstream and multicultural Canadian markets.


  • Develop insight driven strategies
  • Design brand identities
  • Produce TV & radio commercials
  • Activate brands
  • Plan, buy & optimize media
  • Implement social media and print campaigns
  • launch new products
  • Create end user experience
  • Organize events and PR

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